Saturday, February 25, 2012


 It's been a while since I've posted on this blog. Seeing as my nail polish choices have been extremely boring lately, as winter nail polish tends to be, here's a quick run down of what I've been wearing. For about two weeks straight I wore black nail polish (Revlon Black Lingerie) with glitter (China Glaze Tinsel Town) on the ring finger. Other than that I've worn a classic red then a much deeper red (OPI Big Apple Red and China Glaze Velvet Bow).
 As you can see I'm still obsessing over Sephora by OPI's Don't Be Eggnogious which is on my accent nail. Since the weather can't decide what season it is, I have decided for it. I opted for this gorgeous blue from Sally Hansen, the color is called spectrum and it's ahhmazing.
I love the mix of the multidimensional blue with copper glitter. This combo screams summer to me which helps me escape the reality of it still being February in New England. I can't help but get into the colors of summer since it's already warming up. Hey, I can dream right?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today's nail combo is OPI's Warm and Fozzie topped with Sephora by OPI's Don't Be Eggnogious.
Warm and Fozzie is one of the most unique polishes I own.
It's a copper foiled polish with specs of brass and gold glitter.
 Don't be Eggnogious is a gorgeous copper glitter with a large hexagonal glitter 
and a smaller circular glitter in a clear base.
  Thanks to my best friend Nicki for giving me the Sephora by OPI polish for Christmas!
I really am in love with this combination and I couldn't help myself 
but staring at my nails when I had this on.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Nails

 Last night was New Years Eve. Happy New Year! I went with just a metallic polish so the obvious choice was OPI's Designer De Better from the Muppets Collection
 This polish is a gorgeous metallic. I can't decide whether it's silver or gold. It's almost both actually. 
It has a silver/gold base of super finely milled glitter so it's more of a sparkle with copper/red tiny flecks of glitter in it.
I thought this was a modest enough polish for someone with no plans on New Years Eve.
I just stayed home with my best friend Nicki and babysat. I know, I am one crazy teenager!
 I kissed a sleeping two year old on the forehead at midnight, how scandalous!
I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year.

Until next time,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Something New...

It's January first, a day that has so many meanings. 
The start of a new year, new beginnings, and new resolutions. It's a fresh start.
This year I have two resolutions: stop procrastinating with my school work and start this blog.
Sure one might seem to contradict the other, but I like to challenge myself.
Instead of skating by in regular classes I take all honors, which of course is much harder.
With all of my extracurricular activities (i.e. the internet) school tends to take a back seat.
Not anymore, I'm dedicating myself to actually trying in school, and not procrastinating.
So this blog will be a challenge to juggle with school, friends, family and youtube; but I think I can manage. I plan on posting my nail of the days.
Of course I don't change my polish every day but when I do I'll post, so at least twice a week.
I honestly don't know exactly what this blog will turn in to.
Maybe I'll write a little something along with every post: updates, little blurbs or random things on my mind. Who knows...
But here's to a new year, a new start, and new adventures.

Follow for more cheesy crap like this (possibly) and to see my nail polish exploits of 2012. 
Let's make it a good one!